The Sunrise We’d Like To See

After a mighty long night, The sun was finally coming up. It is piercing through the darkness, Now this is the sunrise we’d like to see. A golden ray illuminating the town. There’s… Continue reading

Beyond The Wreckage

It was a thunderous night, An electrifying feeling. There was shock and awe, There was madness all around. We woke up to a damaged horizon. It was the darkest of days, But beyond… Continue reading

Heartbeat Anthem

It starts out slow That’s when you know It’s happening again It’s coming back fast You hope it will last Days are getting brighter The music starts to play Your chest starts to… Continue reading

Contribute A Verse

(Inspired by Dead Poet Society & Walt Whitman ) We are a grand part of history, No matter how brief that may be. From our friends to our family, People will remember us.… Continue reading

Center Stage

Center stage, It’s where you belong Look at you go, look at you glow It’s everything you’ve worked for It’s everything we’ve been waiting for The lights can shine as bright as you… Continue reading

In The Music

It’s all in the music Press play and you’ll feel it A broken heart, let it heal it Open your mind and just lose it Open your eyes and you’ll see it Go… Continue reading

The Games We Play

The games we play tend to last all day. We never truly know who’s right, There’s never an end in sight, There may not be a winner tonight. Every time we play the… Continue reading

Just A Little Rain

See, It’s just a little rain Even though it’s falling heavy, And we’ll need to find shelter. We still have a place to go to, And to watch it enhance the scenery. Because… Continue reading

Seasoned Champ

Seasoned champ, don’t give up now, There’s still some fight left in you. Seasoned champ you need to get back up, Show everyone what you can do. You can still claim what you once had, Be… Continue reading